Product tree
SSI-encoder simulator load cell measurement 13x20mm segment display 64ch I/O rack unit
SSI-master to RS232 RFID reader 3x30mm segment display A,B,Z decoder
8Ch. SSI monitor level transceiver 1x35mm NST/NSK Display digital WAV player
SSI-Tool USB 2.4GHz radio modul 2x30mm Dot-Matrix-Display RTC-DCF77 Interface
SSI-Tool USB DUO HALL interface 3x30mm Dot-Matrix-Display USB-Interface
SSI-Tool 3-tone-gong 3x30mm Dot-Matrix-Display USB transceiver
TTL-encoder simulator 8ch temperature switch 3x50mm Dot-Matrix-Display binary code converter
SIN-COS encoder simulator temperature display 3x50mm Dot-Matrix-Display
SIN-COS converter streetlight controller 13x50mm Dot-Matrix unit
HTL encoder simulator dimable LED driver 240x128 graphic-LCD with LED
flap controller Time of Flight sensor 240x128 graphic-LCD
Unidrive LAN-expander Door sequencer PMA Master Controller
Panel Board 8ch servo controller 4x30mm Dot-Matrix-Display
128 I/O to LAN 4x18mm Dot-Matrix unit
3x30mm Dot-Matrix unit