picture of SIN/COS-encoder simulator
The SIN/COS encoder simulator is able to emulate either incremental or rotational encoder devices with differential sine/cosine tracks and signal amplitudes of 1Vpp with 2.5VDC offset. It is possible to simulate impulse rates of up to 720kHz (rotational device simulation) or 20bit positions with one out of four fixed frequencies (incremental device simulation). For this case there are three blocks of DIL switches to control the frequency or the position. All signals and supply voltage are pluged via one 15pin SUB-D header.

There is optionally the possibility to control the SIN/COS-encoder simulator via serial interface, that can be connected to a PC. With an open RS232 data protocol the user is able to set data patterns instead of using the DIL switches. It is also possible to send timing variable profiles for simulating different movements. Even a wobble generator can be configured.
  • supply voltage: 12VDC - 30VDC (opt. 5VDC).
  • supply current: <20mA
  • working mode: incremental, rotational
  • 20bit position at incremental mode
  • up to 720kHz at rotational mode
  • diff. SIN/COS tracks: 90 / 1Vpp / 2,5VDC offset
  • PCB board size: 68x43.8mm
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SIN/COS-encoder simulator with case