The UNIDRIVE LAN expander is effectively an interface between digital I/Os and an UNIDRIVE M drive with LAN or an UNIDRIVE SP drive with digital ports. The hardware reads in up to 14 digital input signals and sends out a TCP/IP(eCMP) paket to the UNIDRIVE. The UNIDRIVE sends then a data paket back to the hardware where up to 8 signal information are transfered to the output port and thus to the periphery. A PC software configures the LAN expander with all necessary parameter (e.g mode of operation, LAN interface settings etc.). There is a DIL switch block to handle one part of the IP-4 address.
  • connectivity to UNIDRIVE M / SP
  • input voltage: 24VDC.
  • power consumption: 1W
  • 14 input, 8 output ports
  • 100MBit/s LAN (TCP/IP - eCMP)
  • PC monitoring software
  • dimensions: 128x83mm
  • mounting: DIN rail
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