The DMSV load cell measuring hardware is able to measure full bridge signals from up to 2 different channels in 4-wire or 6-wire connection. The signals are converted into raw values that are linear to the measured weigh and then transmitted via RS485 to a main PC on demand. The bridge impedance can range between 100Ω and some kΩ. The bridge sensitivity between ± 1mV/V and ±10mV/V has to setup once with a PC software. As you can connect up to 250 DMSV on the same bus, you can handle up to 500 channels. The DMSV controlls two outputs for signalling under- or overload. Those limits are preset manually with the integrated buttons or setup by PC software as well as the configuration for a zero scale weigh.
The DMSV can be used with or without a bus connection.
With the PC configuration software you can display loads per channel and start a calibration to setup the connected load cell.
  • input voltage: 12VDC - 30VDC.
  • power consumption: < 0.5W
  • sensitivity: ±1mV/V - ±10mV/V
  • excitation voltage: 5V
  • bridge impedance: 100Ω to some kΩ
  • output: overload or underload
  • modul size: 138x57mm

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