The HIPERFACE® encoder simulator is able to emulate incremental (20bit) or rotational (250kHz) encoder devices with either differential SIN/COS tracks and signal amplitudes of 1Vpp or SIN/COS and reference tracks

picture of HIPERFACE® encoder simulator
The HIPERFACE® encoder simulator is able to emulate incremental or rotational devices with either differential SIN / COS tracks and signal amplitudes of nominal 1Vpp with 2.5VDC offset (in a standard version) or with SIN / COS signals and the reference tracks (with specific adaptor). The adaptor version integrates a termination resistor of 120Ω, while the standard version needs an external termination resistor. It is possible to simulate impulse rates of up to 250kHz (rotational device simulation) or a 20bit position with 1-out-of-4 fixed frequencies or one dynamic frequency (incremental device simulation). For this case there are three blocks of DIL switches to control the frequency or the position. All signals and supply voltage are pluged via one 15pin SUB-D header. An extra output can be used for driving external periphery (e.g. relay, accustical or optical devices). With an additional RS485/RS232 converter the HIPERFACE® encoder simulator is connected to the process data channel of the MASTER device. The most relevant commands are supported.

There is also the possibility to remote control the HIPERFACE® encoder simulator via serial interface (RS232-TTL) or via USB/RS232 adaptor, that can be connected to a PC. With a predefined data structure the user is able to transfer data patterns instead of using the DIL switches. It is also possible to transfer timing variable data (driving profiles). Therefore the HIPERFACE® encoder simulator can be integrated into test equipments. Ing.-Buero Kirchen offers a demonstration software (free of charge) for WIN OS.
  • supply voltage: 7.5VDC - 24VDC (nom. 12VDC).
  • supply current: <40mA
  • working mode: incremental, rotational
  • 20bit position in incremental mode
  • 4 fixed frequencies (1kHz,25kHz,100kHz,200kHz)
  • 1 dynamic frequency (1Hz to 250kHz)
  • up to 250kHz in rotational mode
  • diff. SIN/COS tracks: 90 / 1Vpp / 2,5VDC offset
  • or SIN/RefSIN - COS/RefCOS (via adaptor)
  • PCB board size: 68x43.8mm
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