RFID Reader
With the RFID reader it is possible to enable access to dedicated areas (e.g. elevator floors or general access control). Therefore TAGs in different sizes/shapes can be enabled for specific destinations. The RFID module can replace the conventional key switch in the panel. A PC software can handle TAGs, enable or disable them for dedicated areas and administer a list of TAGs for employees. The RFID reader can also operate independently and without parameterizing with the PC software. So it is possible to teach in up to 250 different TAGs to the internal database or delete them from this. The hardware detects TAGs even through a 3mm thick stainless steel front panel. An audible, as well as an optical signal indicates a TAG that has access. The RFID module then switches a relais permanently or temporarily. The signal volume, the signal frequency, and the relais function including duration is programmed once with the PC software. An external input can activate or deactivate the optical signal indicator, regardless of a detected TAG.

  • input voltage 24VDC.

  • power consumption: 0.2W in standby

  • relais output: 60V/1A

  • mounting: special housing

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RFID access control