I/O to LAN converter
The 128 I/O to LAN converter collects informations from up to 8 different channels with 16 inputs or 16 outputs and transfers them via ethernet to a PC/PLC. The PC or PLC transfers informations back to the hardware in order to provide signals to 8 different channels with 16 outputs per channel. Every channel can be connected to a car panel. There are 2 analog channels for 0-10V peripheral devices such as a X-Y-potentiometer. The hardware is able to supply all connected car panels with power (5V - 500mA max). In this special case the 128I/O to LAN converter reads up to 16 buttons or switches from up to 8 car panels and submitts up to 8x16 LED levels back to the car panels. The input values are transfered every 25ms to the PC / PLC over ethernet with TCP/IP or UDP. The sub-IP address of the 128I/O to LAN converter is selected with 2 DIL switches. All other parameter (port, host address, subnet mask etc.) are set with the PC software. With a simple WLAN bridge you can use the hardware also within a WLAN.
  • supply voltage: 12VDC - 30VDC.

  • power consumption: < 4W

  • board size: 150x95mm

  • mounting: 4xM3 screws
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