picture of temp. switch
With the PTC temperature switch you are able to handle PTC's from up to 8 channels in order to compare those values with programmable trigger levels. If a value is out of hysteresis the hardware will transmit an alert message to a PC or any other controlling devices. You can connect up to 31 temperature switches to the same RS485 bus system. This means, you can monitor up to 248 channels. This hardware is especially designed to be used in automation systems that includes one or more AC or DC motors with integrated PTC sensors to handle the motor temperature. LED's will signal the state of operating mode for each channel. The current consumption is less than 20mA.
  • input voltage: 12VDC - 30VDC.

  • power consumption: < 0.2W

  • PCB size: 60x70mm

  • mounting: DIN rail
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