With the 2.4GHz radio module it is possible to transmit data wireless between two or more modules. It is especially used for the transmission of sensor data to a control unit. Unidirectional as well as bidirectional data transfers are possible operating modes. Depending on the environment, a range of up to 30m can be achieved. The data is automatically provided with a checksum and is always acknowledged by the remote unit. This ensures a maximum data security. Each radio module can be configured in advance. For this purpose a PC software configures one of 128 possible channels, one of 8 power modes, the air data rate, the number of remote units and the operation mode. This is done via RS232 or USB.
There are two different module shapes. One in a USB stick format. This is used for the control unit (e.g. PC, PLC). An other in a free handling format. This is used for dedicated sensor tags.
  • input voltage: USB or 5VDC.
  • current consumption in standby: <1mA
  • air rates up to 2MBit/s
  • baudrates RS232 up to 19200Baud
  • range: up to 30m
  • power: up to +5dBm
  • PCB size: 68x19mm
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