datalogging with SSI to RS232 interface
The SSI to RS232 interface is able to read out data values from SSI-encoder by using variable clock rates of up to 1MHz. It was especially developed to supply singleturn or multiturn SSI encoder. For this case there are three blocks of DIL switches in order to set the datalength of the encoder (up to 32bit), set the coding of the encoder (gray / binary), configure the clock rate (100kHz to 1MHz), set the timeout between two consecutive readings and set some other options.
The SSI-RS232 converter generates the clock signal for the encoder and reads back the datavalues. By setting one DIL switch the SSI master converts a gray code value directly into a binary value. The duty-cycle of the clock signal can vary from 50% to 30%. This is useful if problems exists with high clockrates and long encoder connections. The encoder values are internally stored and then transmitted to an end-device. This happens automatically (opt.) or after request (default).
All signals and supply voltage are pluged via one 15pin SUB-D header. The RS232 uses a RJ10 header.
  • supply voltage: 12VDC - 30VDC.
  • supply current: <15mA
  • input signal: up to 32bit gray or binary (RS422)
  • output: 100kHz to 1MHz (RS422) clock
  • duty-cycle: 50%..30%
  • PCB board size: 68x43.8mm
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