These graphic-LCD with 240 x 128 pixel is used to indicate floor positions and driving directions for elevators. It is also be able to display information texts and bitmaps used e.g. in hotels, offices and so on. The hardware is capable of driving displays with CCFL as well as LED backlights. The programmed texts can be activate with ACTIVE-HIGH signals directly from the PLC. An internal memory chip is able to store up to 100 different bitmaps or information texts.
The graphic LCD can be controlled over a 10pin header, as well as over different bus systems e.g. RS232, RS422/RS485, CAN, Ethernet.
Parameters are transfered using a programming adapter. Setup is done with PC software.
  • Input voltage: 18VDC - 30VDC.
  • input power: 2.5W
  • colors: bl/wh, bl/wh, gr/ye
  • 8 inputs for 64 texts/bitmaps and 4 driving directions
  • PCB-Size: 160x100mm
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