picture of flap control
With this combination of controller unit and display unit a servo motor is able to position an air flap of a fire-place. Both units are connected with a max. 2m cable. The flap is automatically temerature-controlled within 5 phases where the flap is set to programmable positions. The temperature is measured with a thermocouple element that is build-in in the chimney and is able to measure a temperature up to 800C. With 3 buttons on the display unit the user can program positions, set any working modes, define over- and undertemperatures and many more. The automatic mode can be resetted to the manual mode in order to control the air flap position by button. On the LED backlighted LCD there are displayed actually phases, flap positions and temperaturs.
An integrated standby mode reduces the power consumption to 1/10 of the normal operational mode.
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flap control unit
air flap unit