With the digital WAV-Player you are able to play music and special sounds. This hardware is especially designed to be used in elevator automation systems but can also be used in every other environment that needs to play sound files - for example malls or hospitals etc. All sound files are stored on a multimedia flash memory card. With the PC software for WIN operating systems you can freely choose your own music file that should play on special floors or on special events. You also can associate volumes and reputations for every single sound file. There is the possibility to signal every special event with a gong-signal before the sound file plays.
The stored music files can be activate with ACTIVE-HIGH or ACTIVE LOW signals directly from any PLC or other peripheral products. There are different signal-codings integrated (1 out of n, binary, graycode etc.). An integrated 1W booster outputs the sound file directly to a speaker.
  • up to 32 input signals.
  • input voltage: 12VDC - 30VDC.
  • current consumption: < 30mA
  • PCB board size: 145x74mm
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