picture of SSI-Tool USB
The SSI tool with USB interface is the consequent further development of the SSI-Encoder-Simulator. SSI-encoders with an arbitrary data format from 8bit to 32bit and a clock rate of up to 2MHz can be simulated. The SSI-USB was specifically developed for the emulation of single-turn and multi-turn encoders. Control is simply execized via USB. A PC software sends encoder data to the device, which are clocked out by the external periphery. Power supply is provided by USB or by RJ45 connector as an option. The RJ45 features 3 RS485 transceivers for SSI or ABZ interfacing. The optional RJ10 connector provides an alternative 3,3V-RS232 control interface.

The software permits transfer of trajectories, setup up-front, to emulate time-variable positioning.
  • Power supply: via USB (opt. separate 5VDC).

  • Current consumption: < 200mA

  • Dimensions: 68x43.8mm
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SSI-Tool USB dimensions